Yale Law School Ranking and Acceptance Rate

By | August 4, 2023

Yale Law School is renowned for its small yet highly selective Juris Doctor (J.D.) program. Each class consists of only a few hundred students, ensuring an intimate and personalized learning environment. The student-faculty ratio of 4.4:1 fosters close interactions between professors and students, allowing for enriched academic experiences.

During the first term of study, students at Yale do not receive grades. Instead, they are graded on an honors/pass/low pass basis for the rest of the three-year program. This unique grading system empowers students to focus on learning and intellectual growth rather than competition.

The school boasts a diverse faculty of over 70 full-time members and offers a wide range of doctrinal courses, each with a limited number of students. This approach ensures individualized attention and the opportunity to explore various sub-fields of law, such as constitutional and environmental law. Yale Law students can also engage in research opportunities and serve as teaching assistants, enhancing their learning journey.

Yale Law School Acceptance Rate

For the last entering class, Yale Law School received a total of 4,129 applications and offered admission to only 236 applicants, resulting in an acceptance rate of 5.7%. Due to the competitiveness of the school’s acceptance rate, it is crucial you present a very strong application in order to be considered for admission.


Yale Law has maintained a high ranking over the years, Currently, they are tied at no.1 spot in the country, making the one of the best law schools in the country. Aside the overall ranking, they hold other distinguished individual rankings.

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LSAT and GPA Requirements

While Yale Law School does not have strict LSAT and GPA cutoffs, it is crucial to recognize that successful applicants typically demonstrate outstanding academic records. To increase your chances of admission, aim for LSAT scores above 171 and GPAs close to or exceeding 3.9. While exceptional academic achievements are vital, admissions decisions at Yale are holistic, considering various aspects of each applicant’s profile.

Transferring to Yale Law School

Yale Law School welcomes transfer applications for students currently enrolled in the first year of law school. To be eligible for transfer, applicants must have an undergraduate degree and an outstanding record at an accredited law school. Transfer applications are considered only between the applicant’s first and second years of law school, as incoming transfer students must complete two years of study at Yale.

The transfer application for the Class of 2025 is now available through the Law School Admission Council (LSAC). Applicants must use the LSAC electronic application service included as part of a Law School Credential Assembly Service (CAS) subscription.

A non-refundable $85 application fee is required for transfer applications. However, need-based fee waivers are available, and the transfer application fee is automatically waived for individuals who were offered a place on Yale Law School’s waitlist in a prior admission cycle.