Western State College of Law: Acceptance Rate and Ranking

Are you curious about Western State College of Law? Located in Irvine, California, it is a renowned private law school with a rich history dating back to 1966. As one of the oldest law schools in Orange County, Western State College of Law has been shaping legal professionals for decades.

At Western State, students receive a comprehensive legal education that emphasizes practical skills development. Whether you’re interested in business law, criminal law, family law, or intellectual property law, the college offers specialized areas of study to cater to your interests.

But it’s not just about the classroom experience. Western State College of Law provides numerous opportunities for students to enhance their education and professional growth. You can participate in moot court competitions, contribute to law journals, join student organizations, and engage in meaningful pro bono work. These activities allow you to gain hands-on experience, connect with legal professionals, and make a positive impact in the community.

Ready to embark on your legal journey?

In this blog, we’re excited to provide you with valuable information about Western State College, including its acceptance rate and ranking.

School ranking

In the ranking of best law schools, Western State is positioned at 180th out of 196 schools. It shares this ranking with 16 other esteemed institutions, such as University of North Dakota, University of Puerto Rico, Texas Southern University (Marshall), Barry University, and Charleston School of Law.

Acceptance rate

During the 2023 application cycle, Western State College experienced a significant number of applications, with 717 individuals applying. Out of these applicants, 330 were offered admission, resulting in an acceptance rate of 44.6%.

Other stats

Western State College of Law boasts a student-faculty ratio of 8.6:1, ensuring a personalized learning experience for students. As for the financial aspects, the tuition for 2023 stood at $43,120, and the total annual cost of attending, including living expenses, amounted to $75,694.

Upon graduation, JD graduates from Western State College of Law typically earn a median salary of $80,000 if they enter the private sector. For those pursuing a career in the public sector, salary expectations vary. Additionally, the bar exam pass rate for first-time takers at the college is 51.7%, compared to the average pass rate of 80.7% among all law schools.