Western New England University Law School Admission Guide

By | July 26, 2023

Established in 1919 as a branch of Northeastern University, Western New England University School of Law has a rich history of providing legal education. In 1951, it gained its independent charter and began offering a full-time law program in 1973. The law school is situated in the S. Prestley Blake Law Center, which underwent significant renovations in 2007 to create modern learning environments.

The primary focus of the law school is its Juris Doctor (J.D.) program, offering both full-time and part-time options. Additionally, Western New England Law provides six joint-degree programs that combine legal education with business, engineering, social work, and urban planning, allowing students to specialize in various fields. Furthermore, students have the opportunity to concentrate on specific areas of law, such as Business Law, Criminal Law, Estate Planning, and more.

Western New England University Law Acceptance Rate and Ranking

Let’s address one of the most crucial aspects for prospective students – the acceptance rate and ranking. Western New England University School of Law has a selective admissions process, and its acceptance rate hovers around 63.5%. While gaining acceptance requires a competitive application, don’t let this deter you; it’s an excellent opportunity to showcase your strengths and passion for law.

In terms of rankings, Western New England University School of Law has consistently shown strong performance. The school currently ranks between 180-196 among the law school in the country and ranks between 64-70 among part-time law schools. In Massachusetts, they rank 8th, behind UMass Dartmouth Law School.

LSAT and GPA Requirements

To be a strong applicant to Western New England University School of Law, you’ll need to pay attention to your LSAT scores and undergraduate GPA. While specific numbers may vary from year to year, the median LSAT score for admitted students currently lies at 150. Similarly, the median undergraduate GPA for accepted applicants is 3.43. These figures provide a general idea of the level of academic achievement that the law school looks for in potential candidates.

Transfer Requirements to Western New England University School of Law

For students considering transferring to Western New England Law from another law school, there are specific requirements to be aware of. Generally, transfer applicants must have completed their first year of law school at an ABA-accredited institution and provide transcripts, class rank, and a letter of good standing from their current law school. The law school evaluates transfer applications on a rolling basis, and it’s essential to meet the stated deadlines and requirements.