WashULaw Acceptance Rate and Admission Requirements

By | July 17, 2023

The St. Louis, Missouri-based WashULaw offers a top-notch legal education that equips students for a rewarding legal profession. The law school takes pride in its supportive environment, active professors, and forward-thinking viewpoints.

WashULaw Acceptance Rate

The acceptance rate is an important consideration in the admission process for law schools. A mere 18% of candidates are accepted into the law school, making it more competitive to get into the school. The acceptance rate is a significant consideration, but it’s equally crucial to realize that it shows the proportion of applications who are accepted out of all applicants. Therefore, it’s essential to present a solid application that emphasizes your credentials, successes, and commitment to the legal profession.

WashULaw Ranking and Statistics

WashULaw’s strong rankings and statistics demonstrate its dedication to excellence. Let’s examine some of the noteworthy information:

Median LSAT Score: The median LSAT score at this institution is 172. You will be in a highly competitive position to be awarded admission if your score is the same or higher.

Median Undergraduate GPA: A median undergraduate GPA of 3.94 or better will put you in an excellent position to be admitted. A high undergraduate GPA shows academic distinction and might increase your chances of being accepted.

Overall, WashULaw is ranked 20th in the United States and the best in Missouri. You can check out University of Missouri School of Law if you want a school with a more flexible GPA and LSAT score.

Transfer Opportunities

If you have already completed one year of study at an ABA-accredited law school and are interested in transferring to WashULaw, it’s important to understand the transfer process. The school reviews transfer applications for fall semester admission on a space-available basis. To be eligible for transfer, you must have completed a minimum of 22 credits at your current law school, with a maximum of 30 semester hours accepted for transfer.

The Associate Dean of Student Services carefully reviews each set of credits earned at another recognized law school. Generally, only courses passed with a grade of C or above are transferrable, and credit is not usually granted for law school courses beyond the first year. It’s important to note that WashULaw offers no guarantees about the transferability of earned credits to other institutions. Check here for more information about transferring to this law school.