UT Austin Law School Admission Guide

By | July 12, 2023

UT Austin Law School, also known as the University of Texas at Austin Law School, is located in Austin, Texas. It is a prestigious institution known for its excellent legal education and successful graduates. As an aspiring law student, it’s crucial to understand the key aspects that make this law school stand out.

Austin Law School ranks among the top law schools in the United States and highest rated in Texas. According to recent rankings, it holds an impressive position of #1 in terms of private sector salary, indicating the strong earning potential for graduates in this field. Overall, it ranks 16th(tie) among all law schools in the country. They also hold a impressive no.9 position in the specialized field of Constitutional law.

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UT Austin Law School Acceptance Rate and Selectivity

For prospective students, acceptance rate and selectivity play a significant role in the decision-making process. UT Austin Law School boasts a competitive admission process, ensuring a talented and diverse student body. Here are some key details:

Acceptance Rate: Austin Law School has an acceptance rate of 14.6%, meaning that out of all the applicants, only a fraction are offered admission. This demonstrates the school’s high level of selectivity.

LSAT Scores: The median LSAT score for admitted full-time students at UT Austin Law School is 170. The LSAT, which measures reading comprehension, analytical reasoning, and logical reasoning skills, is an essential component of the application process.

GPA: UT Austin Law School looks for candidates with strong academic backgrounds. The median undergraduate GPA for admitted full-time students is 3.84. A competitive GPA showcases your commitment to academic excellence.

Academic Excellence and Faculty

UT Austin Law School is dedicated to providing students with a high-quality legal education. The school’s commitment to academic excellence is reflected in various aspects:

Faculty Ratio: With a student-to-faculty ratio of 5.9:1, Austin Law School offers a favorable environment for students to engage with their professors. This low ratio ensures personalized attention and fosters meaningful academic interactions.

Campus and Facilities

Austin Law School provides a conducive environment for learning, equipped with state-of-the-art facilities. The law library at Austin Law School is extensive and the impressive collection provides students with a vast array of resources to support their legal studies.

UT Austin Law School Tuition and Financial aid

Understanding the financial aspects of attending law school is essential for prospective students. Here’s what you need to know about Austin Law School’s tuition:

Tuition: The tuition for full-time law students at Austin Law School varies depending on residency status. For out-of-state students, the tuition is $54,094, while in-state students pay $36,492. It’s important to consider these costs along with other expenses like room and board, which average $12,930 per year.

Financial aid: Austin Law offers grants up to $18,000 for full-time students with about 92.6% of full-time students receiving grants. Contact the financial aid director or check the school’s website for more information.

Career Opportunities and Bar Passage Rate

UT Austin Law School offers excellent career prospects for its graduates. Here are some notable points regarding career outcomes:

Employment Rate: Austin Law School has an high
employment rate at graduation, with a higher percentage of graduates employed at the time of graduation. Ten months after graduation, 92% of graduates secure employment.

Bar Passage Rate: The bar passage rate at Austin Law School is noteworthy. Among first-time test takers, the school’s bar passage rate is 94.6%, outperforming the state of Texas’s overall bar passage rate of 78.6%.