USD Law School Acceptance Rate and Transfer Statistics

By | July 14, 2023

The University of San Diego (USD) Law School, located in San Diego, California, is renowned for its exceptional legal education and rigorous academic programs. It offers a Juris Doctor (JD) program, preparing students for successful legal careers in various fields. Let’s explore the acceptance rate, ranking, and other important factors.

Acceptance Rate and Class Profile

When applying to law schools, understanding the acceptance rate is crucial. The acceptance rate at the University of San Diego Law School is an important indicator of the competitiveness of its admissions process. For the last application window, USD Law received a total of 3,448 applications, and out of those, 1,189 were offered admission while 259 students were enrolled. This equates to an acceptance rate of approximately to 34.5%.

It’s worth noting that the class profile at USD Law reflects a diverse student body. The average age of enrolled students is 24, with an age range spanning from 20 to 50. Women constitute 62% of the student population, and minorities make up 40% of the enrolled class.

Academic Standards of USD Law School

To maintain its reputation for academic excellence, the University of San Diego Law School sets high standards for its students. These standards are reflected in the LSAT scores and GPA of the enrolled class.

For the last academic year, the LSAT scores for the enrolled class had the following statistics: the 75th percentile score was 163, the median score was 161, and the 25th percentile score was 157. Regarding GPAs, the 75th percentile was 3.86, the median was 3.74, and the 25th percentile was 3.45.

Rankings and Reputation

The University of San Diego Law School holds a favorable position in various law school rankings. The school ranks 78th in the United States and 15th for the best part-time law school. If you want a higher ranked part-time law school, check out UC Davis Law School. USD Law faculty comprises 59 full-time professors and 64 adjunct and visiting professors, including judges and practicing attorneys. Such a distinguished faculty contributes to the school’s reputation and the quality of education it offers.

Transferring to the USD Law School

Transferring to another law school is an option for students who wish to pursue their legal education at the University of San Diego Law School. Transfer students must do the following:

  • An admission application that has been completed, dated, and indicates transfer for entry status.
  • A┬ástatement of purpose and a recent CV
  • Official Law School transcript(s) sent by the registrar of your present institution
  • Dean of your present school forwards a letter of good standing and class rank
  • LSAC’s official CAS report
  • Recommendation letter(s)

Check their official website for more information.