University of Texas Health Science Center–Houston (McGovern) Acceptance Rate and Admission Guide

By | July 29, 2023

Many aspiring medical professionals want in start their journey at the University of Texas Health Science Center–Houston (McGovern) toward becoming knowledgeable and sympathetic doctors. We will give a general summary of the medical school in this article, as well as information about its acceptance rate, average GPA and rankings in research.

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Overview of University of Texas Health Science Center–Houston (McGovern)

The institute is dedicated to choosing the most qualified students for its medical program in order to produce knowledgeable doctors who can meet the State of Texas’s healthcare demands. The admissions committee does this by considering a number of aspects while determining an applicant’s suitability for medical school:

Intellectual Capacity: Candidates are judged on the basis of their undergraduate and graduate academic records. Also, based on their scores on standardized tests, academic honors and awards. Finally on the research accomplishments, the degree to which their academic programs are challenging, pre-professional evaluations, in-person interviews, and other information submitted.

University of Texas Health Science Center--Houston (McGovern)
University of Texas Health Science Center–Houston (McGovern)

Interpersonal and Communication Skills: People in the medical field must possess a high level of empathy and good interpersonal skills.

Medical School Rankings

The medical institution holds the 56th position in research and is ranked 84th in primary care. It’s worth noting that the college is highly regarded for its commitment to excellence in both research and medical treatment.

Acceptance Rate and Average GPA:

The acceptance rate for prospective medical students stands at 10%, indicating a competitive admissions process. On average, successful applicants boast an undergraduate GPA of 3.67.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the class size of the University of Texas Health Science Center–Houston (McGovern) medical program?

The University of Texas Health Science Center–Houston (McGovern) has a total medical school enrollment of 868 students.

Is the University of Texas Health Science Center–Houston (McGovern) known for producing graduates who practice in Texas?

Indeed, a significant percentage of UT Houston Medical School graduates, around 62%, choose to practice medicine in the state of Texas.

What are the primary care specialties most pursued by the graduates of this medical school?

Graduates from this medical school often pursue primary care specializations, including internal medicine, family practice, anesthesia, and others.

Does the University of Texas Health Science Center–Houston (McGovern) value diversity in its student body?

Yes, the medical school celebrates diversity and cultural competency, fostering an inclusive learning environment for all students.


The University’s Medicine school Center is a prestigious medical school with a commitment to producing competent and caring physicians.

While specific data on the school’s ranking, acceptance rate, and average GPA were not provided in the information, interested applicants can find more detailed and current information on the official admissions website or by contacting the admissions office directly.

Remember that each applicant is evaluated holistically, taking into account intellectual capacity, interpersonal skills, and communication abilities.