University of Richmond Law School Acceptance Rate and Ranking

By | July 25, 2023

Situated within the sprawling 350-acre campus of the University of Richmond, the law school offers a conducive environment for academic and personal growth. Its close proximity to downtown Richmond provides ample opportunities for externships in diverse specializations, exposing students to a myriad of corporations, law firms, government offices, and commercial establishments.

University of Richmond Law School Rankings and Acceptance Rate

When it comes to law school rankings, the University of Richmond Law holds an impressive position. Currently, the school has an acceptance rate of 33.7%. While securing admission can be competitive, the effort is well worth it considering the excellent education and opportunities that await successful candidates. You can check out William & Mary Law School if you want a school with a higher acceptance rate.

US News and Reports has ranked the law school 60th among accredited law schools in the country. The school has managed to gain this high reputation and ranking due to the quality of their education and the impact their alumni have on society.

LSAT Scores and GPA Requirements

Aspiring law students applying to the University of Richmond Law School should be aware of the median LSAT score and undergraduate GPA of the incoming class. The last entering class has median LSAT score of 163, while the median undergraduate GPA was 3.75.

Transferring to University of Richmond Law School

For students considering transferring to the University of Richmond Law, the Office of Admissions welcomes transfer students for the J.D. program each year. To be eligible for transfer, you must be a student in good standing at an ABA-accredited law school. Successful transfer students typically rank in the top half of their law school class.

Emphasizing Experiential Learning

The University of Richmond Law takes pride in providing its students with hands-on experience and real-world exposure. It offers various experiential learning opportunities, including clinical placements, in-house clinics, D.C. externships, and practicum courses. Through the Clinical Placement Program, students have the chance to work with national and international businesses, non-profit organizations, and government agencies, gaining practical insights into legal practice.

Notable Alumni of University of Richmond Law School

Over its 150 years of existence, the University of Richmond Law has produced many distinguished alumni who have made significant contributions to various fields. Some notable alumni include former U.S. congressman and senator Willis Robertson, retired Justice of the Supreme Court of Virginia Lawrence L. Koontz, Jr., Chief Judge of the Court of Appeals of Virginia Marla Graff Decker, and former rear admiral of the United States Navy Jose M. Cabanillas, who received the Bronze Star Medal with Combat “V”.