University of Oklahoma College of Law Ranking and Notable Alumni

By | August 1, 2023

The University of Oklahoma College of Law, founded in 1909, is an esteemed institution situated in Norman, Oklahoma. As part of the University of Oklahoma’s parent school, the College of Law holds a strong reputation for providing quality legal education. With a suburban campus and a moderate enrollment of around 500 students, the college ensures a conducive learning environment for aspiring legal professionals. The college’s official website is, where you can find more detailed information about its programs, faculty, and various opportunities.

Acceptance Rate, LSAT Scores, and GPA Requirements

One of the primary concerns for prospective law students is the acceptance rate of their desired law school. For the University of Oklahoma College of Law, the acceptance rate has varied slightly over the years. In 2017, the acceptance rate was 39.79%, while in 2018, it decreased to 38.93%. In 2019, the acceptance rate saw a minor increase to 43.82%. Currently, the acceptance rate has decreased to 42.5%

To secure admission to the College of Law, LSAT scores and undergraduate GPA play a significant role. The median LSAT score for admitted students has consistently been 159, with the low and high scores being 155 and 160, respectively. As for the undergraduate GPA, the median has hovered around 3.67, while the low and high GPAs were 3.37 and 3.88, respectively. These figures give you an idea of the academic profile typically expected from successful applicants.

University of Oklahoma College of Law Ranking and Recognition

The University of Oklahoma Law has received notable recognition among ABA-approved law schools in the United States. In the national comparison rankings, the College of Law has secured commendable positions. Overall, they are ranked 51st in the country while they rank no.1 in Oklahoma. These rankings demonstrate the college’s commitment to academic excellence and student success.

It’s important to note that rankings can vary slightly across different sources and over time. Still, the University of Oklahoma Law’s consistent performance in national rankings showcases its dedication to maintaining high educational standards.

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University of Oklahoma College of Law Notable Alumni

The University of Oklahoma College of Law boasts an impressive list of notable alumni who have made significant contributions to various fields of law and beyond. Some of the distinguished alumni include:

  • Anastasia Pittman: Former Oklahoma State Senator, known for her dedication to education and social causes.
  • Steven W. Taylor: A prominent trial lawyer, specializing in medical malpractice and personal injury law.
  • Marian P. Opala: Late Oklahoma Supreme Court Justice, recognized for his commitment to justice and fairness.

These are just a few examples of the accomplished individuals who have graduated from the College of Law and have gone on to make a positive impact on society.