University of Maine School of Law Ranking and Acceptance Rate

By | July 31, 2023

Led by the accomplished Dean Leigh Saufley, the University of Maine School of Law has been imparting quality legal education since 1962, and it’s the only law school in the state. Over the years, it has produced notable alumni who have gone on to become judges, legal scholars, politicians, and community leaders, leaving a positive impact on Maine and beyond.

What sets this law school apart is its commitment to offering an array of programs that cater to diverse interests and career aspirations. Students can explore dual degree options, such as Juris Doctor and Master of Public Health (J.D./M.P.H.) or Juris Doctor and Master of Policy, Planning, and Management (J.D./M.P.P.M.) with the Muskie School of Public Service at the University of Southern Maine. Additionally, there’s an opportunity to earn a dual J.D./Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.) degree with the University of Maine School of Business, providing a well-rounded education.

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University of Maine School of Law Rankings

When considering law schools, rankings play a crucial role in decision-making. While it’s essential to focus on an institution’s overall ranking, individual rankings should be taken with caution, as methodologies may vary. According to US News and Reports, they are ranked 146th in the country. In Maine, they are ranked the best law school in the state.

Acceptance Rate

The schools boasts of a moderate acceptance rate which stands at 54.6%. From the last application cycle, 544 people applied for admission while 297 people were offered admission. Ultimately, only 78 people enrolled to the law school. Note that the acceptance rate may vary yearly and several factors contribute to a school’s acceptance rate.

LSAT Scores and GPA Requirements

As an aspiring law student, your LSAT scores and GPA are crucial factors in the admissions process. Maine Law’s median LSAT score for full-time students who were granted admission is 158. This test assesses reading comprehension, analytical reasoning, and logical reasoning skills. For undergraduate GPA, the median GPA for admitted full-time students is 3.47. Meeting or exceeding these LSAT and GPA benchmarks can enhance your chances of securing admission to the University of Maine School of Law.

Transferring to University of Maine School of Law

If you are considering transferring to Maine Law from another fully accredited ABA law school, you have the opportunity to do so with advanced standing. The school accepts transfer and visiting student applications and may admit transfer students to begin studies either in the fall or the spring semester, depending on the Admissions Committee’s discretion.

For transfer students, a maximum of 45 hours of course credit may be transferred, subject to the approval of the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs. The grades obtained in previous institutions will not be computed into the student’s grade point average at the University of Maine School of Law.