UNH Franklin Pierce School of Law Ranking and Acceptance Rate

By | August 3, 2023

Located in Concord, New Hampshire, UNH Franklin Pierce School of Law is known for its exceptional programs and distinguished faculty. Accredited by the American Bar Association, it offers students an opportunity to immerse themselves in the legal profession from day one. The school’s small student-to-faculty ratio fosters a collaborative and collegial environment, enabling students to learn from experienced practitioners in their fields of interest.

UNH Franklin Pierce School of Law Overall Rankings

The UNH Franklin Pierce School of Law is one of the most prestigious law schools in the country, sitting at the 105th position among full-time law schools and 51st among part-time law schools. Being the only accredited law school in New Hampshire, they sit at the no.1 spot in the state.

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Acceptance Rate

The acceptance rate at UNH Franklin Pierce School of Law varies from year to year, depending on the volume of applications received and the qualifications of the applicants. For the last entering class, the LSAT score and undergraduate GPA sits at 156 and 3.48 respectively. Prospective students are encouraged to present a strong academic record, compelling personal statement, and impressive LSAT scores to increase their chances of acceptance.

LSAT and GPA Requirements

As with most law schools, LSAT scores and undergraduate GPAs play a crucial role in the admission process at UNH Franklin Pierce School of Law. While there is no set minimum LSAT score or GPA requirement, successful applicants often have LSAT scores in the range of 152 to 159 (25th-75th percentile) and GPAs ranging from 3.04 to 3.71 for the same percentile range. It is important to note that meeting these criteria does not guarantee acceptance, as the admissions committee takes a holistic approach in evaluating applicants based on their entire application package.

Transferring to UNH Franklin Pierce School of Law

UNH Franklin Pierce welcomes transfer students to its intimate learning community. If you are considering transferring from another law school, here’s what you need to know:

To initiate the transfer process, applicants must apply online through the LSAC website. The Fall semester priority application deadline is July 15, allowing ample time for the admissions committee to review your application. Transfer applicants are evaluated for merit scholarships, providing an opportunity for financial assistance to support your legal education.

The Admissions Committee will require a letter of good standing from your current law school as part of the transfer application. Additionally, an updated CAS report indicating your law school matriculation is essential. It is strongly encouraged to submit one to two letters of recommendation from law school professors to bolster your application.

To receive credit for elective or required courses, a grade of C or better must be earned in your previous law school. Up to 28 law credits can be transferred to UNH Franklin Pierce. Transfer students are required to complete four full-time semesters in residence at UNH Franklin Pierce to ensure a comprehensive legal education.


In conclusion, UNH Franklin Pierce School of Law offers a rich learning experience in a supportive and innovative environment. Its accolades in government employment, online law programs, and intellectual property law underscore its dedication to excellence. While the acceptance rate is competitive, aspiring law students who meet LSAT and GPA requirements should consider applying to this esteemed institution. For those seeking to transfer, UNH Franklin Pierce provides a seamless process to join its vibrant learning community.