UMKC School of Law: A Guide for Prospective Students

By | July 17, 2023

UMKC School of Law is committed to shaping students into exceptional legal scholars, professionals, influential leaders, informed advocates, and engaged citizens. The school believes in fostering a strong sense of community, building and sustaining relationships with students throughout their academic journey. The admissions team at UMKC offers comprehensive guidance and personal assistance to ensure a smooth application process.

UMKC School of Law Rankings and Statistics

When considering law schools, it’s essential to review rankings and statistics that provide insight into various aspects of the institution. Let’s take a closer look at UMKC Law’s rankings and key statistics:

Acceptance Rate

UMKC Law has an acceptance rate of 52.1% among applicants. This metric indicates the proportion of students accepted out of the total number of applicants. While UMKC Law values a diverse and inclusive student body, competition for admission remains competitive.

LSAT Scores and GPA

UMKC Law’s median LSAT score for admitted full-time students is 154. The LSAT measures skills in reading comprehension, analytical reasoning, and logical reasoning. Additionally, UMKC has a median undergraduate GPA of 3.47 among enrolled full-time students.


UMKC f Law’s rankings reflect its standing among other law schools. Here are a few notable rankings:

Student to Faculty Ratio: UMKC Law is tied for 46th in terms of the lowest student to faculty ratio 6.3:1, indicating a more personalized learning environment.

Bar Passage Rate: UMKC Law ranks 69th in terms of bar passage rate among first-time test takers, achieving a rate of 74.8%, which is slightly below the state of Missouri’s overall rate.

Their overall ranking among all law schools in the country is 135 with an impressive 13th position in Legal Writing in terms of Law Specialty Rankings. Their position puts them in fourth place for the best law school in Missouri. If you want a higher ranked school in the State, consider our previous post on WashULaw.

Transfer to UMKC School of Law

While most law students complete their studies at one institution, circumstances may arise where transferring becomes a viable option. UMKC Law offers opportunities for students who wish to transfer from another law school. Here’s what you need to know:

Transferring Requirements: To transfer to UMKC Law, you must have completed the entire first-year curriculum at your initial university. Additionally, UMKC Law accepts a maximum of 30 credit hours from another law school to fulfill JD requirements.

Transfer Applications: UMKC Law accepts transfer applications throughout the year. The most common time for transfers is after the completion of the first year of law school. This allows sufficient time for processing applications before the start of the fall semester at UMKC. If accepted, transfer students can enroll and prepare for their classes at UMKC.

You can visit their official website if you have specific questions.