UGA School of Law Admission Guide

By | July 19, 2023

UGA School of Law, located in Athens, Georgia, takes pleasure in producing successful legal professionals. The law school works to provide its students with a diverse and stimulating learning environment as part of its commitment to excellence.

The faculty consists of experienced legal scholars, former Supreme Court clerks, and attorneys who are passionate about imparting their knowledge to the next generation of legal minds. The rigorous curriculum, coupled with experiential learning opportunities, ensures that graduates are well-prepared for the dynamic challenges of the legal world.

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UGA School of Law Admission Requirements

The UGA Law seeks to enroll a highly talented and diverse student body, valuing not only academic achievements but also an applicant’s character, community involvement, professional activities, and more. The Admissions Committee considers LSAT or GRE scores, undergraduate performance, and other components of the applicant’s record in their decision-making process.

To be eligible for admission, applicants must take the LSAT or GRE no later than the June test administration preceding their intended enrollment year. The admissions committee will consider all scores but will primarily rely on the highest score if an applicant takes the test multiple times. Starting from the June 2018 test administration, LSAT and GRE scores are both acceptable for application. However, if an applicant has both LSAT and GRE scores, they must report their LSAT score.

To be in a strong position for admission, you need to aim for an LSAT score of 168 or higher. Similarly, an undergraduate GPA of 3.87 or better will be given priority. Although GRE may be accepted, it is recommended you write an LSAT exam instead.

Acceptance Rate and Ranking

As of 2023, the University of Georgia School of Law has established itself as one of the nation’s highly regarded law schools. While exact acceptance rates may vary slightly from year to year, it typically remains competitive, attracting applicants from various backgrounds and experiences.

UGA Law consistently ranks among the top law schools in the United States. Its reputation for delivering an exceptional legal education, accomplished faculty, and successful alumni contributes to its standing in the legal community. Currently, they rank as the 20th best law school in the country and the first in Georgia.

UGA School of Law Transfer Student Admission

UGA School of Law also accepts transfer students from other law schools under specific conditions. Candidates seeking transfer admission must have completed the first year of full-time study in a Juris Doctor degree program at an American Bar Association (ABA)-approved law school. Transfer requests from law schools with interim ABA accreditation will not be considered.

While transfer students may receive credit for courses completed at their previous law schools, the School of Law does not calculate their grade point averages using those grades. Additionally, class ranks for transfer students will not be available until the conclusion of their second year at UGA School of Law You can read more about transferring to UGA Law here.