Tennessee College of Law Application Guide

Tennessee boasts reputable law schools that provide excellent opportunities for aspiring legal professionals. One prominent law school in Tennessee is The University of Tennessee College of Law. The College of Law has earned recognition for its commitment to value, quality education, and strong employment outcomes. It has been ranked as the sixth best value law school in the United States by PreLaw magazine. This ranking takes into account bar passage rates, employment rates, tuition costs, and student indebtedness.

In this guide, we will discuss the ranking and acceptance rate of law schools in Tennessee, emphasizing the significance of acceptance rates and rankings in choosing the right law school for you.

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Acceptance Rate and Admission Process

The acceptance rate at The University of Tennessee College of Law currently stands at 33.2%. However, it is important to note that law school acceptance rates are generally competitive. To enhance your chances of admission, you should present a strong application that highlights your academic achievements, relevant experiences, and genuine passion for pursuing a legal career.

To apply to The University of Tennessee Law School, you will typically need a bachelor’s degree from an accredited university or college. The application process may also require letters of recommendation, a personal statement, and a competitive LSAT score. These components help the admissions committee evaluate your potential to succeed in law school.

An LSAT score of around 160 may be competitive enough to get an edge of other applicants. Additionally, you need to hold a GPA of around 3.75 to be in a strong position to earn an admission.


The University of Tennessee Law School has established a reputation for providing a high-quality legal education. Its ranking as the sixth best value law school in the country speaks to its commitment to delivering a solid return on investment for students. The College of Law’s emphasis on practical skills, strong faculty, and exceptional employment rates contribute to its standing among law schools nationwide. Overall, it ranks as the 51st best law school in the States out of 196 law schools.

Frequently Asked Questions

What sets The University of Tennessee College of Law apart from other law schools?

The University of Tennessee College Law School stands out for its excellent value, distinguished faculty, and strong employment outcomes.

What are the admission requirements for The University of Tennessee Law School?

Prospective students are generally required to hold a bachelor’s degree, provide letters of recommendation, submit a personal statement, have a good GPA and achieve a competitive LSAT score. Additional requirements may vary, so it is important to consult the school’s official website for specific details.