Sturm College of Law Ranking and Acceptance Rate

The University of Denver Sturm College of Law is not just any law school; it is a place where students immerse themselves in the true essence of law. Here, studying law goes beyond theoretical knowledge, as students actively engage in preserving freedom, understanding meta-legal principles, and exploring the intricacies of conduct rules. It’s not just about learning the law; it’s about experiencing it from all angles.

The college offers an exceptional environment for experiential learning, setting it apart from other law schools. It boasts three practical training programs, including clinical programs, trial advocacy, and legal writing.

Moreover, the Live Client Guarantee ensures that every law student works on a real case with an actual client before graduation, preparing them for the challenges of real-world legal practice. With over 600 externship and internship opportunities and in-house clinics, students have an abundance of chances to pursue their dreams and enhance their expertise.

Sturm College of Law Rankings

Law school rankings play a crucial role in shaping students’ decisions, and for good reason. Statistics have shown that attending a higher-ranked law school can significantly impact job opportunities and career advancement. The University of Denver Sturm College of Law has consistently secured a place among the top-ranked law schools in the United States.

The school is currently ranked 80th among law schools in the country and ranked 8th among part-time law schools in the country. In Colorado, they rank 2nd, behind Colorado Boulder Law School.

Acceptance Rate, LSAT Scores, and GPA Requirements

One of the key considerations for prospective students is the acceptance rate of a law school. As of the latest data, the specific acceptance rate for the University of Denver Sturm College of Law sits at 48.5%. This means that the school offers admission to almost half of the applicants.

Apart from the acceptance rate, LSAT scores and GPA requirements also play a significant role in the admission process. Sturm College of Law seeks students who demonstrate strong academic abilities and potential for success in legal studies. Competitive LSAT scores and a commendable GPA are essential components of a successful application.

To be in a competitive position for admission, you need to aim for the median LSAT and GPA of 160 and 3.6 respectively. Note that it is possible to be offered admission when you get figures below the median.

Transferring to Sturm College of Law

For students who have satisfactorily completed one year of work at another American Bar Association-accredited law school, transferring to the University of Denver Sturm College of Law can be a viable option. The college offers the opportunity to transfer up to 30 credit hours from another law school, allowing students to continue their legal education seamlessly.

Under certain circumstances, the Faculty Admissions Committee may consider petitions for transferring up to 45 credit hours of coursework from another law school. This flexibility in credit transfer ensures that students can build upon their previous legal education while benefitting from the unique opportunities offered at Sturm College of Law.