Stetson College of Law: LSAT Requirements and Transfer Statistics

Stetson College of Law, located in Gulfport, Florida, is widely recognized as one of the top-ranking law schools in the nation for courtroom advocacy. With a focus on providing students with real-world experience, Stetson prepares aspiring lawyers to excel in their legal careers.

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Acceptance Rate and Rankings

Stetson College of Law holds a respectable position in terms of student selectivity. Among the applicants who sought admission, Stetson Law has an acceptance rate of 31.0%. While this rate signifies a competitive admissions process, it also highlights the opportunities available to prospective students willing to put in the effort to meet the college’s criteria.

Furthermore, Stetson Law has achieved recognition in various rankings. Notably, the college ranks no.81 in terms of student selectivity, no.92 in median LSAT scores, and no.112 in employment rate at graduation. Overall, they are ranked 84th among 196 accredited law schools in the country and 34th as the best part-time law school.

Stetson College of Law LSAT Scores and GPA

The Law School Admission Test (LSAT) and undergraduate GPA are essential factors considered during the admissions process at Stetson Law. For last application window, the entering class had a 25th percentile LSAT score of 156, while the 50th percentile was 158, and the 75th percentile was 159. Regarding undergraduate GPA, the 25th percentile was 3.28, the 50th percentile was 3.51, and the 75th percentile was 3.72.

Transfer Statistics

Transfer applications are accepted by Stetson Law at a competitive rate of 55.02%. While the transfer process remains competitive, students with a strong academic record and a genuine passion for the law have the opportunity to join Stetson’s esteemed legal community.

To be considered for transfer admission, applicants must meet certain criteria. Stetson Law requires a minimum GPA of 3.84 for transfer applicants, although a higher GPA, close to 3.99, is ideal. Additionally, applicants are required to provide their test results.

Transferring to Stetson College of Law

Stetson College of Law also welcomes transfer students from other ABA-accredited law schools. Prospective transfer students can apply during the autumn and spring semesters. Additionally, on a case-by-case basis, transfers may be approved during the summer. To request consideration for summer admission, applicants should utilize the autumn transfer application and contact the admissions office for further guidance.

To be eligible for transfer admission, candidates must be in good standing with their current law school and meet the qualifications for reapplication. Stetson Law requires transfer applicants to have completed two semesters of grades at an ABA- or state-approved law school to be considered for admission.

For more information on transferring to Stetson Law, you can view their official website.