SLU Law Acceptance Rate and Transfer Information

By | July 17, 2023

The Saint Louis University School of Law, or SLU Law, is a renowned organization that offers a thorough legal education. Through leadership and service to others, SLU Law, which was founded with the goal of advancing the study and development of law, seeks to equip students for both professional success and personal fulfillment.

The academic curriculum at St. Louis Law emphasizes the importance of legal research and writing skills. The foundations of the legal system, legislative bodies, and legal sources are covered in the first-year Legal Research and Writing (LRW) course. They engage in hands-on experiences to develop legal analysis, reasoning, and advocacy skills to tackle increasingly complex legal problems.

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SLU Law Acceptance Rate

Understanding a law school’s acceptance rate provides valuable insights into the competitiveness of its admissions process. As of the last application window, St. Louis Law has a student body composed of 184 enrolled students, with 793 applicants and 485 offers of admission. This indicates an acceptance rate of approximately 61.2%, showcasing that St. Louis Law maintains a moderately selective admissions process.

SLU Law Rankings

Rankings are often an essential factor for prospective law students to consider. SLU has demonstrated its commitment to academic excellence and student success. According to the latest rankings from US News and Report, they rank 89th as the best law school in the country.

LSAT and GPA Requirements

To be considered for admission, you need to show good academic excellence. This is usually in the form of LSAT scores and undergraduate GPA. Admitted students have a median GPA and LSAT scores of 3.54 and 156 respectively. If you manage to get higher than that, you will be in a more competitive position to secure admission.

SLU Law Transfer Information

SLU Law offers transfer opportunities for students who wish to continue their legal education at their esteemed institution. If you are considering transferring to St. Louis Law, here is what you need to know:

Transfer Eligibility and Evaluation

To be eligible for transfer, candidates must provide proof of good academic performance in a law school with ABA accreditation or interim accreditation and be qualified to continue at the institution from which the transfer is requested. After completing their first semester of law school, transfer applicants can submit their applications to SLU Law for evaluation.

Credit Transfer and Grading Criteria

SLU Law evaluates transfer credits from another law school for up to 30 hours toward the J.D. program. To receive transfer credits, applicants must have earned grades of at least a C or its equivalent at their previous law school. This allows transfer students to have their prior coursework recognized, giving them a head start in their legal education at SLU Law. Check their official website for more information about transferring to the school.