SIU School of Law Admission Guide

By | July 20, 2023

SIU School of Law of Southern Illinois University which is situated in Carbondale, IL, is a public law school committed to excellence in academics and preparing practice-ready graduates for a rapidly evolving legal profession in a global setting. The law school boasts a distinguished faculty, nationally recognized in their respective fields, and actively engaged with the legal community at various levels.

At SIU Law, students receive a well-rounded legal education that emphasizes both theoretical knowledge and practical skills development. The law school offers a wide range of opportunities, including legal clinics, externship programs, moot court, pro bono work, and extracurricular activities, ensuring graduates are equipped for success in their legal careers.

SIU School of Law Admission Requirements

To gain admission to SIU School of Law, prospective students must meet certain criteria. While academic performance is crucial, SIU Law considers various factors in its admission process, ensuring a diverse and talented student body.

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LSAT Scores and Undergraduate GPA

As of the 2023 application cycle, the median LSAT score for admitted students at SIU Law was 150. The LSAT measures essential skills, such as reading comprehension, analytical reasoning, and logical reasoning, and serves as an important factor in assessing an applicant’s potential for legal studies. Additionally, the 25th percentile LSAT score was 147, and the 75th percentile was 153.

Regarding undergraduate academic performance, the median undergraduate GPA for admitted full-time students was 3.35. The 25th percentile GPA was 2.92, and the 75th percentile GPA was 3.62. SIU Law considers an applicant’s academic achievements to ensure they can handle the rigor of legal studies effectively.

Acceptance Rate and Class Size

SIU Law is committed to building a diverse and talented student community. During the 2023 application cycle, a total of 462 individuals applied for admission, of which 262 (56.7%) received offers of admission. The 1L class size at SIU Law comprised 89 students, and the yield (percentage of admitted students who accepted the offer) was 32.22%.

Transferring to SIU School of Law

If you are considering transferring to SIU Law from another law school, certain criteria must be met. To apply as a transfer student, you must be in good standing and have completed at least one full year at an ABA-accredited law school, a non-ABA approved law school authorized to confer the JD degree, or a non-ABA approved law school whose graduates can sit for the bar examination in the school’s jurisdiction.

Transfer students can transfer up to 30 semester credits from their previous law school, except under unusual circumstances. Additionally, they must complete all 90 semester hours necessary for graduation from SIU Law, which may require enrolling in first-year courses not offered at their previous institution or courses found insufficiently similar by the Associate Dean.

SIU Law only accepts credit for courses taken at other law schools if the grades received are at least as good as the grade point average needed to graduate from the other law school. As part of the application process, transfer students must complete the Application Material Checklist.