Rutgers Law School Acceptance Rate and Notable Alumni

Rutgers Law School, with campuses in Newark and Camden, boasts a unique history that stems from the consolidation of three separate law schools between 1946 and 1950. Today, it stands as one of the largest law schools in the country, offering a robust curriculum designed to prepare students for success in their legal careers.

The school’s commitment to diversity and outreach programs, such as the minority students program, sets it apart in fostering a welcoming and inclusive environment. Throughout its existence, Rutgers Law has been home to distinguished faculty, including the notable Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg. Among its esteemed alumni is Senator Elizabeth Warren, exemplifying the institution’s commitment to producing influential legal professionals.

Overall Rankings

Rutgers Law has earned a well-deserved position among America’s top law schools. Among full-time law schools, Rutgers Law School ranks 109th and rank 28th among part-time law schools in the country. Aspiring law students can take confidence in the school’s distinguished reputation within the legal community.

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Rutgers Law School Acceptance Rate

The acceptance rate at Rutgers Law School is a critical factor for prospective students to consider. With an acceptance rate of 41.1%, Rutgers Law maintains a competitive yet welcoming admissions process. It means that out of all applicants seeking admission, nearly half have the opportunity to become part of the Rutgers Law community.

LSAT and GPA Requirements

As with any reputable law school, LSAT scores and GPA play pivotal roles in the admissions process. Prospective students aiming to secure a place at Rutgers Law should aim for a competitive LSAT score, with the median LSAT score for admitted full-time students being 158. Alongside LSAT scores, a strong academic record is essential, with the highest median undergraduate GPA among admitted full-time students being 3.41. Meeting or exceeding these benchmarks will significantly bolster your application.

Rutgers Law School Notable Alumni

Rutgers Law School boasts an impressive list of notable alumni, each making significant contributions to various fields of law and society. While the list is extensive, some names stand out for their lasting impact. Among them is the distinguished Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg, whose legacy continues to inspire countless individuals. Additionally, Senator Elizabeth Warren, known for her advocacy on consumer protection and economic reform, is another prominent Rutgers Law alumna.


Rutgers Law School stands as a distinguished institution with a legacy of producing outstanding legal professionals. Its competitive acceptance rate, emphasis on academic excellence, and dedication to diversity and inclusivity make it an attractive choice for prospective law students. With its rich history, top-notch faculty, and notable alumni, Rutgers Law offers a promising environment to nurture and shape the legal minds of tomorrow.