Quinnipiac University School of Law Acceptance Rate and Ranking

Quinnipiac University School of Law is a prominent institution that focuses on educating the whole lawyer, imparting essential legal skills, promoting ethical practices, and nurturing personal values. Situated in North Haven, Connecticut, the law school benefits from its location in the power corridor between New York City and Boston, offering students access to a thriving legal community with numerous private law firms, corporate headquarters, and financial institutions.

At Quinnipiac Law, students are provided with a well-rounded legal education that emphasizes the human aspect of lawyering. Through a carefully designed curriculum, student organizations, clinics, and externships, students gain the ability to think critically like a lawyer, effectively solve legal problems, and communicate persuasively. The faculty members are dedicated to fostering a student-centered learning environment, providing collaborative mentoring, and offering an impressive range of externship and clinical opportunities.

Quinnipiac University School of Law Ranking

Among all the top and accredited law schools in the United States, Quinnipiac Law ranks 146th among full-time law schools while it ranks 49th among part-time law schools. In Connecticut, they rank 3rd, behind UConn School of Law. While rankings can vary from year to year, it’s essential to consider the school’s overall performance, which highlights its strengths across various parameters.

Acceptance Rate

For aspiring law students, the acceptance rate is a critical factor to consider. Quinnipiac Law has a student selectivity rate of 67%, which means that more than half of the applicants were admitted to the program. This rate gives you an idea of the school’s competitiveness in the admissions process.

LSAT and GPA Requirements

To be admitted to Quinnipiac Law, you’ll need to meet specific LSAT and GPA requirements. While the median LSAT score for admitted full-time students is 152, the median undergraduate GPA is 3.56. Meeting or exceeding these requirements will strengthen your application and increase your chances of acceptance.

Transferring to Quinnipiac University School of Law

If you are considering transferring to Quinnipiac Law, the school’s welcoming and inclusive environment might be just what you are looking for. With approximately 30 student organizations and a diverse student body, you’ll find a supportive community to thrive in. To transfer to Quinnipiac Law, ensure that you meet the specific transfer admission requirements and reach out to the admissions office for guidance and assistance.


Quinnipiac University School of Law offers an enriching and supportive environment for aspiring lawyers. With its reasonable acceptance rate, impressive ranking, and a focus on diversity, Quinnipiac Law is a compelling choice for many students. Whether you are a recent college graduate or a working professional looking to pursue a legal career, Quinnipiac Law provides the tools and resources needed for success.