Northeastern University Law School Acceptance Rate & Admission Guide

Northeastern University School of Law has a rich history that dates back to 1898 when it started as the Evening School of Law at the Boston YMCA. Over the years, it evolved into Northeastern University Law in 1922. The law school is renowned for its progressive and liberal approach, with a strong focus on public interest law and a commitment to combining theory with practice in its teaching.

One of the standout features of Northeastern’s law program is its revolutionary co-op program. This unique opportunity allows students to gain real-world work experience by working with actual organizations while receiving one-on-one guidance from mentors. The law school also emphasizes social justice, providing students with opportunities to participate in social justice clinics from their first year.

LSAT and GPA Requirements

For the last entering class, their median LSAT score is 163, and the median GPA was 3.70. These numbers give prospective students an idea of the academic profile of admitted students. Keep in mind that admission to law school is competitive, and meeting the median scores doesn’t guarantee acceptance. It’s essential to strive for strong LSAT scores and a competitive GPA to improve your chances.

Northeastern University Law School Acceptance Rate

Northeastern Law has an acceptance rate of 31.1%. This acceptance rate is a moderate one. During that period, they offered admission to 1,204 out of 3,877 applications they received. Compared to other top ranked law schools in the State, NU Law’s selectivity is very modest, giving the chance to many aspiring lawyers to pursue their legal career.


Northeastern University School of Law is considered one of the top law schools in the country. While rankings shouldn’t be the sole deciding factor in choosing a law school, they can provide valuable insights into the institution’s resources, employment prospects, and overall prestige. Overall, they rank 71st in the country among all accredited law schools and 4th in Massachusetts, behind Boston College Law School.

Transferring to Northeastern University School of Law

If you are a student who has completed your first year at another ABA-approved law school and wish to transfer to Northeastern’s School of Law, the transfer process is open to you. The school welcomes transfer applications and offers two different options:

Early Transfer Students: If accepted, early transfer students begin upper-level coursework in early May, allowing you to prepare for and obtain a co-op for the fall term. Applicants will receive a decision shortly after their files are complete.

Regular Transfer Students: Regular transfer students start upper-level coursework in the fall term. Applicants will receive a decision shortly after their files are complete. Transcripts must include second-semester grades.

Ensure that you submit a completed application form, résumé, personal statement, and one letter of recommendation submitted via LSAC’s Credential Assembly Service (CAS). Northeastern encourages applicants to provide a personal statement on any topic of their choice, offering the freedom to showcase their interests and unique experiences.