New York Law School Admission Guide

By | July 21, 2023

Founded in 1891, New York Law School (NYLS) has a rich history of providing exceptional legal education in the heart of Manhattan, New York City. The institution boasts a diverse community of students, faculty, and alumni, contributing to its reputation as a leading law school in the United States.

New York Law School Acceptance Rate and Rankings

As an aspiring law student, one of the crucial factors you may be concerned about is the school’s acceptance rate. The acceptance rate is the percentage of applicants who are admitted to the law school, and it serves as an essential indicator of the school’s selectivity and competitiveness.

At the time of writing this article in 2023, New York Law School’s acceptance rate hovers around 51.5%. This means that about half of the applicants are accepted, making it a moderately selective institution. While New York Law School values academic excellence, they also consider other factors, such as extracurricular activities, personal statements, letters of recommendation, and work experience, in their holistic evaluation of applicants.

Rankings and Reputation

When exploring law schools, it’s essential to consider their rankings and reputation within the legal community. As of 2023, New York Law School is consistently recognized as one of the top law schools in the country.

In the U.S. News & World Report rankings, NYLS typically ranks no.125 among law schools in the nation. Also, they rank 40th as the best part-time law school. In the State of New York, they rank 10th behind Syracuse University College of Law.

LSAT Scores and GPA

To gain admission to New York Law School, prospective students must demonstrate their academic aptitude and readiness for legal studies. The Law School Admission Test (LSAT) is a standardized test that assesses an individual’s critical thinking, analytical reasoning, and logical reasoning skills, which are vital for success in law school.

While NYLS does not have strict cutoffs for LSAT scores and GPA, competitive applicants often present scores in the range of 152-158 (out of 180) and a GPA of 3.53 or higher. It’s important to note that the admissions committee reviews applications holistically, considering all aspects of an applicant’s profile.

Transferring to New York Law School

For students looking to transfer from other American Bar Association-approved law schools, NYLS offers a transfer admission option. To be eligible, candidates must have completed at least one academic year at their current law school, comprising between 28 and 32 credits for full-time admission or between 20 and 24 credits for part-time admission, while maintaining good academic standing.

Qualified transfer students may receive a maximum of 43 semester hours of advanced standing credit for coursework completed at their previous ABA-approved law school, subject to NYLS’s Office of Academic Planning and Career Development’s evaluation after the offer of admission. However, some circumstances may prevent candidates from receiving advanced standing, such as grades below “C” or its equivalent, work completed in pre-admission programs, or coursework from non-ABA-approved law schools or LL.M. programs. Read more about transferring to the law school here.