The 20 Most-cited law Professors in the World

By | July 1, 2023

In the realm of legal academia, certain scholars stand out for their exceptional contributions to the field of law. These distinguished law professors have made profound impacts on legal scholarship, shaping the way we understand and interpret laws.

Through their extensive research, groundbreaking publications, and influential ideas, they have earned the recognition of their peers and the legal community at large.

In this article, we unveil the 20 most-cited law professors in the world, whose work continues to inspire and shape the future of law.

Cass R. Sunstein (Harvard Law School, USA)

Renowned for his work on constitutional law, behavioral economics, and public policy, Professor Cass R. Sunstein is a prolific writer and has authored numerous influential books.

Laurence H. Tribe (Harvard Law School, USA)

Professor Laurence H. Tribe is a preeminent scholar in constitutional law and has argued before the Supreme Court. His expertise in various legal areas has earned him worldwide recognition.

Ronald Dworkin (New York University School of Law, USA)

Late Professor Ronald Dworkin’s influential work in legal philosophy and theory has profoundly shaped modern jurisprudence. His ideas on law as integrity remain highly cited and debated.

Richard A. Posner (University of Chicago Law School, USA)

A prominent figure in law and economics, Professor Richard A. Posner has authored numerous groundbreaking books and articles. His interdisciplinary approach has had a lasting impact on legal scholarship.

Martha C. Nussbaum (University of Chicago Law School, USA)

Professor Martha C. Nussbaum’s work in political philosophy and ethics extends to law and literature, examining the intersection of emotions and the law. Her thought-provoking research has garnered widespread acclaim. Website Link

John Rawls (Harvard University, USA)

Late Professor John Rawls’ work in political and moral philosophy has significantly influenced modern legal thought. His seminal work, “A Theory of Justice,” is widely cited in legal academia. Website Link

Richard Epstein (New York University School of Law, USA)

A leading scholar in law and economics, Professor Richard Epstein has made significant contributions to property rights, torts, and contracts theory. His work is extensively cited in legal and economic literature. Website Link

Guido Calabresi (Yale Law School, USA)

Professor Guido Calabresi is renowned for his contributions to tort law and law and economics. His work has had a lasting impact on the development of legal principles. Website Link

Richard H. Pildes (New York University School of Law, USA)

Professor Richard H. Pildes’ research focuses on constitutional law and the intersection of law and politics. His insightful analyses have garnered significant attention in legal circles. Website Link

Robert C. Post (Yale Law School, USA)

Professor Robert C. Post’s work in constitutional law, First Amendment, and legal history is widely cited by scholars and practitioners alike. His expertise has had a profound impact on the study of law. Website Link

Duncan Kennedy (Harvard Law School, USA)

A prominent legal theorist, Professor Duncan Kennedy’s work focuses on critical legal studies and legal philosophy. His contributions have reshaped the discourse on law and society. Website Link

Akhil Reed Amar (Yale Law School, USA)

Professor Akhil Reed Amar is a prominent constitutional law scholar known for his originalist interpretations of the US Constitution. His work has significantly influenced constitutional law debates. Website Link

Robert C. Ellickson (Yale Law School, USA)

Professor Robert C. Ellickson is renowned for his work in property law and land use. His influential scholarship continues to shape discussions in these fields. Website Link

Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr. (Harvard University, USA)

Late Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr.’s judicial opinions and legal writings have left a profound impact on American jurisprudence. His legacy continues to be cited by legal scholars worldwide. Website Link

Bruce Ackerman (Yale Law School, USA)

Professor Bruce Ackerman’s work spans constitutional law, political theory, and comparative law. His insightful analyses have contributed to the development of constitutional theory. Website Link

John Finnis (University of Oxford, UK)

Professor John Finnis is an eminent legal philosopher known for his work in natural law theory and ethics. His influential publications have earned him widespread recognition. Website Link

Erwin Chemerinsky (University of California, Berkeley School of Law, USA)

Dean Erwin Chemerinsky is a prominent constitutional law scholar and author. His expertise in various legal areas has made him a highly cited academician. Website Link

Lee Epstein (Washington University in St. Louis School of Law, USA)

Professor Lee Epstein’s research focuses on the US Supreme Court, judicial behavior, and empirical legal studies. Her work has been instrumental in understanding the dynamics of the court system. Website Link

Akira Iriye (Harvard University, USA)

Professor Akira Iriye is a prominent historian known for his work on international law and diplomacy. His interdisciplinary research has earned him global recognition. Website Link

Richard E. Lang (University of Michigan Law School, USA)

Professor Richard E. Lang’s work focuses on criminal law and legal philosophy. His influential ideas continue to shape legal scholarship in these domains. Website Link


These 20 most-cited law professors in the world have left an indelible mark on the legal community with their groundbreaking research and influential writings. Their dedication to pushing the boundaries of legal thought has enriched the field of law and inspired future generations of legal scholars.

By exploring the websites provided, readers can delve deeper into their respective areas of expertise and gain valuable insights from their illustrious careers.