LSAT Score and GPA Requirements for Brooklyn Law School

By | July 4, 2023

Brooklyn Law School is a private law school with a curriculum that registered with and approved by the New York State Education Department. Read our previous blog for more information about the school and its acceptance ratio.

Brooklyn Law School offers both a standard 3-year J.D. degree program and an extended (part-time) 4-year J.D. degree program. The application process is the same for both programs. Students have the flexibility to choose the duration within the 3- to 4-year range to complete their 85-credit course of study.

If you’re considering pursuing legal education at Brooklyn Law School, keep reading to find out about their GPA and LSAT requirements.

GPA Requirements

To apply to Brooklyn Law School, the first requirement is to earn a Bachelor’s degree from an accredited university. The type of degree you pursue is not a factor of preference, but your GPA will carry significant weight in the admission process.

Brooklyn Law School has a median GPA of 3.5, so it’s important to choose a major that genuinely interests you, as it increases the likelihood of performing well and maintaining a high GPA.

Additionally, Brooklyn Law School values diversity in academic backgrounds. Taking a variety of courses across multiple disciplines showcases your skills and abilities in different areas, which is appreciated by the admissions committee.

LSAT Requirement

The admissions committee at Brooklyn Law School places significant emphasis on standardized test scores, similar to the importance given to GPA. You have the flexibility to fulfill this requirement by taking either the GRE or LSAT, so choose the test where you believe you can achieve the highest score.

If you decide to take the LSAT, it is advisable to aim for a score within the range of 157-161. This range aligns with Brooklyn Law School’s median LSAT score, which stands at 160.