CWSL Academic Calendar 2023-2024 : Schedule Spring, Fall

By | July 6, 2023

The California Western School of Law Summer, Fall and Spring Calendar for the 2023-2024 Academic year has been released. Get some insights on California Western School of La notable Alumni and acceptance rate and ranking, along with the LSAT and GPA requirements from our previous post.

Below is the California Western Law School Academic Calendar 2023– 2024

Summer 2023

DateDay of the weekEvent
8MondayClasswork Begins for all Students
8MondayTranscripts unavailable through Friday, May 19th.
12FridayLast Day to Add Classes
19FridayGrades Released Online at 4:00 pm
22MondayLast Day to Drop Classes without a “W”
29MondayHOLIDAY – Memorial Day Observance
19MondayHOLIDAY – Juneteenth Observance
20TuesdayFall 2023 Registration Begins at 7:00 am
21WednesdayFollow Monday Class Schedule
4TuesdayHOLIDAY – Independence Day Observance
18TuesdayRegistration Pause (11:00 PM)
21FridayRegistration Pause Ends (5:00 PM)
2WednesdaySummer 2023 Classwork Ends
3- 4 Thursday-FridayReading Days
5, 7-11 Examinations
10ThursdayRegistration Pause (12:01 AM)
14MondayRegistration Pause Ends (5:00 AM)
12-22 Trimester Recess

Fall 2023

DateDay of the WeekEvent
TBA New Student Orientation
18FridayDeadline for Fall Graduates to Apply for Graduation
23WednesdayClasswork Begins for Students
29TuesdayLast Day to Add Classes
4MondayHOLIDAY – Labor Day Observance
6WednesdayFollow Monday Class Schedule
6WednesdayLast Day to Drop Classes
7ThursdayFirst Day of Withdrawal Period ( W Applies)
8FridayGrades Released Online at 4:00 pm
24TuesdaySpring 2024 Registration Begins at 7:00 am
31TuesdayLast Day to Request Exam Rescheduling
31TuesdayRecommended Last Day to Request Exam Disability Accommodations
9ThursdayFollow Friday Class Schedule
10FridayHOLIDAY Veteran’s Day Observance
15WednesdayRegistration Pause (11:00 PM)
17FridayRegistration Pause Ends (5:00 PM)
20-24 HOLIDAY Thanksgiving Observance Week
30ThursdayFall 2023 Classwork Ends
1-3 Reading Days
4-8,11,12 Examinations
26TuesdayRegistration Pause (11:00 PM)
29FridayRegistration Pause Ends (8:00 AM)
Dec. 13 – Jan. 5 Trimester Recess

Spring 2024

DateDay of the WeekEvent
TBA New Student Orientation
8MondayClasswork Begins for Students
12FridayLast Day to Add Classes
15MondayHOLIDAY Martin Luther King Jr. Day Observance
19FridayGrades Released Online at 4:00 pm
22 MondayLast Day to Drop Classes without a “W”
19MondayHOLIDAY President’s Day Observance
20TuesdayFollow Monday Class Schedule
19TuesdaySummer 2024 Registration Begins at 7:00 am
9TuesdaySpring 2-24 Classwork Ends
10,11,14 Reading Days
12,13,15-19 Examinations
April 22 – May 3 Trimester Recess

Summer 2024

DateDay of the WeekEvent
6MondayClasswork Begins for Students
10 FridayLast Day to Add Classes
17FridayGrade Release Online at 4:00 pm
20MondayLast Day to Drop Classes without a “W”
27MondayHOLIDAY Memorial Day Observance
18TuesdayFall 2024 Registration Begins at 7:00 am
19WednesdayHOLIDAY Juneteenth Day Observance
2TuesdayFollow Thursday Class Schedule
4ThursdayHOLIDAY Independence Day Observance
31WednesdaySummer 2024 Classwork Ends
1-4 Reading Days
5-9, 12 Examinations
TBA Trimester Recess