Colorado Boulder School of Law Acceptance Rate and Ranking

By | July 28, 2023

Situated at the base of the breathtaking Rocky Mountains, the Colorado Boulder School of Law is an ABA-accredited public institution with a long-standing tradition of academic excellence since its establishment in 1892. The school prides itself on providing a conducive and engaging learning environment, where students from diverse backgrounds can thrive without any discrimination based on race, age, sex, disability, religion, or color.

Recognized for its exceptional value, the law school offers a range of scholarships, fellowships, loans, and financial aid options to help students pursue their legal education without undue financial burden. Now, let’s delve into the crucial factors that shape the law school’s reputation, starting with its rankings and acceptance rate.

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Colorado Boulder School of Law Rankings and Acceptance Rate

The University of Colorado Law School has a moderate admission selectivity. The law school boasts an acceptance rate of approximately 31.2% for applicants. This means that out of all the individuals who applied for admission, slightly over  a third were granted the opportunity to join the institution. The competitive acceptance rate underscores the law school’s commitment to ensuring a high-quality academic community.

As for its overall ranking, Colorado Law holds an impressive position at no.56 among law schools in the country, a testament to its dedication to providing students with a comprehensive legal education. The rankings take into account various factors, including median LSAT scores, median undergraduate GPA, employment rates, and bar passage rates, among others.

LSAT Scores and GPA Requirements

As with most reputable law schools, the University of Colorado Law School places considerable importance on LSAT scores and undergraduate GPA when evaluating applications. While specific LSAT and GPA requirements may vary slightly from year to year, these factors play a significant role in the admission decision process.

Prospective students aiming to secure a spot at Colorado Law should aim for competitive LSAT scores and strong undergraduate GPAs. The median LSAT score for applicants granted admission and enrolled as full-time students stands at 164. As for the median undergraduate GPA, successful applicants boast an impressive 3.74. These figures highlight the law school’s emphasis on academic excellence and proficiency in legal reasoning and analysis.

Transfer Admissions

For students looking to transfer to the University of Colorado Law School, there are specific procedures and criteria to consider. Transfer applications are accepted from May 1 until July 1, and the law school only offers fall admission for transfer applicants. Review of transfer applications typically commences after the receipt of spring grades and 1L class rankings. To be eligible for transfer, applicants must have completed at least one full year of study, approximately 30 semester credits, at an ABA-accredited law school. The Registrar conducts a credit evaluation of the current law school transcript for accepted transfer students, with a maximum of 44 transfer credits accepted.