Chase College of Law Acceptance Rate and Ranking

By | August 3, 2023

Northern Kentucky University’s Chase College of Law has a rich history of providing quality legal education to individuals seeking to make a difference in their community through the legal profession. Established in 1893, Chase Law has been a leader in offering both full-time and part-time courses, providing students with a rigorous academic experience, practical skills, and ethical principles, all essential for a successful legal career. Over the years, the college has produced exceptional lawyers, judges, academics, and business leaders, making a significant impact on the legal landscape.

Chase Law offers an innovative educational experience that allows students to explore real-world legal problems and develop the expertise needed to excel in various legal fields. Their curriculum equips students with the practical knowledge and technical understanding required to tackle legal challenges effectively. From flexible online courses to experiential learning opportunities, Chase provides learners with unique and varied resources that will prepare them for the dynamic and ever-evolving legal profession.

Chase College of Law Rankings

Chase College of law is ranked 3rd in Kentucky, behind Brandeis School of Law, while they rank 149th among full time law schools and 41st among part-time law schools. The college’s commitment to providing a quality legal education and producing exceptional lawyers makes it an attractive choice for prospective students.

Acceptance Rate

The acceptance rate is an essential factor for prospective students to consider. For the last application cycle, the law school had 515 applicants, and 273 offers of admission were extended; resulting in an acceptance rate of 60.7%. Chase’s admissions committee looks for applicants who can succeed academically, demonstrated by their LSAT scores and college grades. Therefore, prospective students should strive to have a solid academic background to enhance their chances of admission.

LSAT and GPA Requirements

The LSAT and GPA requirements play a crucial role in the admission process. For the 1L class at Chase College of Law, the median LSAT score was 152, with a 25th percentile LSAT of 150 and a 75th percentile LSAT of 155. The median GPA was 3.55, with a 25th percentile GPA of 3.23 and a 75th percentile GPA of 3.7. Prospective students aiming for admission to Chase College of Law should aim for competitive LSAT scores and strong undergraduate GPAs.

Transferring Chase College of Law

For students currently attending another law school, transferring to Chase College of Law is possible. To be eligible, you must have completed two semesters of coursework at your current law school. Chase accepts transfer applications from students who wish to join their Law, and most students considering transfer have completed the entire first-year curriculum at their current law school.