LSAT Score and GPA Requirements for California Western School of Law

By | July 3, 2023

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For prospective applicants interested in pursuing legal education, understanding the LSAT and GPA requirements is crucial. Find out the necessary LSAT score and GPA expectations for California Western School of Law to make informed decisions about your application.

Juris Doctor Program

The JD curriculum at California Western School of Law is thoughtfully crafted to establish a strong foundation in legal principles and concepts. Students have the opportunity to choose from four distinct concentrations, which not only provide practical, hands-on experience but also foster networking opportunities with fellow professionals who share similar interests and aspirations. The concentrations are;

  • Business law
  • Criminal justice law
  • International Law
  • Labour and employment law

LSAT and GPA Statistics

The median LSAT score for all program entrants at California Western School of Law is 153, while the median undergraduate GPA for all program entrants is 3.36. These figures provide an overview of the typical LSAT and GPA profile of students admitted to the school’s programs.