California Western School of Law: Acceptance Rate and Ranking

By | July 3, 2023

California Western School of Law is an esteemed institution located in San Diego, California. It is dedicated to providing a comprehensive legal education and preparing students for successful careers in law.

Interested in pursuing law at California Western School of Law? Keep reading to discover valuable information about the school’s ranking and acceptance rate.

California Western School of Law is ranked as the 175th best law school in the United States, sharing this ranking with Capital University, Lincoln Memorial University (Duncan), Northern Carolina Central University, and Widener University (Delaware).

In 2022, California Western School of Law accepted approximately 49.3% of applicants. In 2021, the acceptance rate for Cal Western was approximately 56.6%, while in 2020, it was approximately 59.6%.

The acceptance rate has shown a decreasing trend over the period, indicating a decline in the percentage of applicants who received admission offers.