Brandeis School of Law Acceptance Rate and Ranking

By | August 3, 2023

The Brandeis School of Law, founded in 1846, holds a prominent position in the legal education landscape. As the oldest law school in Kentucky and the fifth oldest continuously operating law school in the United States, it has a rich history of producing exceptional lawyers. The school aims to create a vibrant learning environment that fosters diversity and brings together aspiring legal professionals from various backgrounds.

The University of Louisville’s Brandeis Law is situated in Louisville, Kentucky, making it an excellent choice for students looking to work within the state. For those seeking to build their legal careers outside of Kentucky, the school’s career prospects may be more limited. Despite this, the school offers affordable in-state tuition, making it an attractive option for those planning to stay in Kentucky.

Brandeis School of Law Rankings

The Brandeis School of Law has earned a reputable position among America’s best law schools. The Brandeis School of Law is ranked 99th in the United States and 2nd in Kentucky, behind David Rosenberg College of Law. Note that these ranking are based on many factors and not necessarily academic quality.

Acceptance Rate

The acceptance rate at Brandeis Law is highly competitive. In the last application cycle, the school received 629 applications, out of which 341 applicants were offered admission. This resulted in an acceptance rate of approximately 54.2%. This signifies that applicants must present strong academic credentials and compelling personal qualities to secure a spot in the highly coveted 1L class.

LSAT and GPA Requirements

The Admissions Committee at Brandeis School of Law takes a holistic approach when reviewing applications. While there is no set minimum required LSAT score or undergraduate GPA, the committee considers all aspects of an applicant’s profile when making admission decisions. For the last entering class, LSAT scores ranged from the 25th percentile of 152 to the 75th percentile of 158.

The median LSAT score for admitted applicants was 156. Regarding GPA, the class had a median GPA of 3.68, with a 25th percentile GPA of 3.36 and a 75th percentile GPA of 3.89. These figures highlight the competitive nature of the admissions process at Brandeis School of Law and emphasize the significance of strong academic performance.

Transferring to Brandeis School of Law

For students who have completed the first year of JD study at another law school accredited by the American Bar Association, Brandeis Law offers a transfer program. Transfer applicants are evaluated based on the same entrance standards as first-year applicants, along with consideration of their first-year law school performance.

The school may award a transfer student up to thirty (30) credits for first-year coursework, subject to certain conditions. Applicants dismissed from another law school for academic insufficiency or misconduct may not be eligible for transfer consideration.