Best Law Schools in New Jersey

By | August 4, 2023

Choosing the right law school is a pivotal decision for aspiring lawyers. In this article, you will find the best law schools in New jersey that will tutor you in become a good lawyer. In New Jersey, there are two accredited law schools that stand out for their quality education and strong reputation: Seton Hall University School of Law and Rutgers Law School. This comprehensive guide will provide an overview of each school, highlighting their unique characteristics and what sets them apart. Let’s explore these esteemed institutions and their offerings.

Best Law Schools in New Jersey

Seton Hall University School of Law

Founded in 1951, Seton Hall University School of Law is the only private law school in the state of New Jersey. The school offers both day and evening programs leading to the Juris Doctor (J.D.) degree, as well as Master of Laws (LL.M.) degrees in Health Law and Intellectual Property Law, and a Master of Science in Jurisprudence (M.S.J.) degree.

Seton Hall Law consistently earns good ratings for its outstanding teaching, and its commitment to linking teaching and scholarship with service to the local community advances the law school’s social justice mission. With an acceptance rate of 40.3% and a bar passage rate of 89.6%, Seton Hall University School of Law offers a competitive yet supportive environment for students to excel.

Rutgers Law School

Rutgers Law School is the oldest law school in the State of New Jersey and comprises two campuses: the Camden campus and the Newark campus. The Camden campus is located in Camden, NJ, and was founded in 1926, while the Newark campus, located in Newark, NJ, was established in 1908. Rutgers Law School has been a pioneer in legal education for over a century and is a leading center of legal education.

The faculty is internationally recognized in diverse fields, and the school is a member of the American Association of Law Schools and approved by the American Bar Association (ABA). The acceptance rate for the Rutgers Law School, both Camden and Newark is 41.1%, with a bar passage rate of 74.61. Both campuses offer excellent legal education with a focus on intellectual growth and social justice.


Prospective law students in New Jersey have two exceptional options for accredited law schools: Seton Hall University School of Law and Rutgers Law School. Seton Hall University stands out for its private status, diverse student body, and emphasis on academic excellence. On the other hand, Rutgers Law School, with its two campuses, Camden and Newark, offers a rich history, renowned faculty, and a commitment to social justice. Aspiring lawyers should carefully consider their preferences and career goals when choosing between these esteemed institutions.