Best Law Schools in New Hampshire

By | August 3, 2023

Law is a fascinating and challenging field that demands not only a thorough understanding of legal principles but also the ability to apply them in practical scenarios. If you’re considering a career in law and are looking for the best law schools in New Hampshire, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ll explore the only ABA-accredited law school in the state and provide an overview of the legal education landscape in New Hampshire.

When it comes to pursuing a legal career, choosing the right law school is crucial. With over 250 law schools in the United States, finding the perfect fit can be overwhelming. However, if you’re in New Hampshire, you’re in luck. The state boasts one ABA-accredited law school, the University of New Hampshire School of Law, which offers an excellent legal education to aspiring attorneys.

Best Law Schools in new Hampshire

UNH Franklin Pierce School of Law

The University of New Hampshire Law School, also known as the Franklin Pierce School of Law, is the sole ABA-accredited law school in New Hampshire. Located in Concord, the state’s capital, the school provides a close-knit and supportive learning environment. The faculty places a strong emphasis on academic excellence while encouraging students to maintain a balanced life.

At UNH Franklin Pierce School of Law, individualized attention is a key feature, ensuring that students receive the support they need to succeed. The campus itself is peaceful, providing a serene atmosphere for focused learning. The school offers several volunteer programs to foster community engagement and a sense of giving back.

While the campus life does not heavily emphasize Greek life or sports, the school compensates with its tight-knit community and team-oriented approach to education. Graduates from this law school have gone on to excel in their legal careers, thanks to the quality education and hands-on experience provided by the institution.

Is This School Right for Me?

If you thrive in small, personalized learning environments and seek a peaceful campus atmosphere, UNH Franklin Pierce School of Law could be the perfect fit for you. The school’s emphasis on teamwork and community involvement creates a supportive ecosystem for aspiring legal professionals.

Additionally, UNH Law’s affordable fees and various financial aid programs make it an accessible option for prospective students. However, you’ll need to consider your preference for a small campus setting over a bustling, larger one, as some may prefer a more vibrant environment.


Choosing the right law school is the first step towards a successful legal career. In New Hampshire, the University of New Hampshire School of Law offers a unique and comprehensive legal education that prepares students for a fulfilling journey in the legal profession. Its small, supportive community, coupled with a commitment to academic excellence, sets it apart as a top choice for prospective law students. Whether you’re interested in a serene campus or an opportunity to give back to the community, UNH Franklin Pierce School of Law has much to offer.