Ave Maria School of Law Acceptance Rate and Transfer Information

By | July 19, 2023

Ave Maria School of Law is a prestigious institution that has been shaping legal minds since its establishment. Known for its commitment to excellence and nurturing a strong sense of community, this law school offers a conducive environment for aspiring lawyers to grow both academically and professionally. Its focus on imparting legal education that is rooted in ethics and moral principles sets it apart from other law schools in the country.

Ave Maria School of Law Acceptance Rate and Ranking

One of the essential factors to consider when applying to law schools is the acceptance rate, which gives you an idea of your chances of being admitted. As of the last application window, Ave Maria Law’s acceptance rate was approximately 43.7%. While this rate may vary from year to year, it’s crucial to present a strong application to enhance your chances of acceptance.

In terms of rankings, Ave Maria Law holds a commendable position among law schools nationwide. As per the most recent rankings, it secures position within the top 180-196 law schools in the United States. A low ranking does not mean a school does not deliver quality education to their students. So many factors contribute to a school’s ranking. If you want a higher ranked Law School, you can check out our previous post on Shepard Broad College of Law.

LSAT Scores and GPA Requirements

The Law School Admission Test (LSAT) plays a crucial role in the law school application process. Ave Maria Law carefully considers LSAT scores as part of its admissions criteria. Prospective students are expected to aim for competitive LSAT scores to bolster their applications. Currently, the 50th percentile LSAT score of admitted students is 152.

Additionally, your undergraduate academic performance, measured by your Grade Point Average (GPA), is also an essential aspect of the application. While there isn’t a strict GPA cutoff, a strong academic record can undoubtedly enhance your chances of admission. Preferably, aiming for a GPA higher than the 50th percentile, 3.3, is the best.

Ave Maria School of Law Transfer Policies

If you are already pursuing legal education at another American Bar Association (ABA)-recognized law school and are considering transferring to Ave Maria School of Law, here’s what you need to know:

Transfer Application and Credit Acceptance

Ave Maria Law welcomes transfer students who are in good academic standing at their current law school. To be eligible for transfer, students must have received academic credit at another ABA-recognized law school. However, the maximum number of credits that Ave Maria will accept is 32 semester hours. The Admissions Committee, in consultation with the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, will decide on the acceptance of credits.

Grade Requirements and Study Duration

For transfer credits to be considered, students must have achieved a grade of at least “C” or its equivalent in their previous law school courses. Courses with grades below “C” will not be granted credit. Upon transferring to Ave Maria Law, students are required to complete a minimum of four semesters of full-time study. Please note that the dean or associate dean for academic affairs may waive this requirement. However, it will only be done under highly compelling circumstances. Transfer students must also complete the necessary courses at Ave Maria or their equivalent from the law school they are transferring from. Check their official website for more inquiries.