American University Washington College of Law: A guide for prospective students

American University Washington College of Law is one of the most prestigious Law schools in Washington D.C. that offers competitive opportunities for prospective students who want to pursue a degree in law. American University College of Law offers high quality education that prepares prospective legal practitioners in a wide variety of legal areas.

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Read on to find more information about AUW College of Law’s acceptance rate, rankings and other information.

Acceptance Rate

The competitive acceptance rate at the AUW College of Law attests to the institution’s high standards. The acceptance rate gives a good idea of how selective the admissions process is. Note that this can change from year to year. The AUW College of Law’s acceptance rate stands at 33.8% according to U.S. News Reports. 5,559 people applied in the last academic year with 1,877 people receiving admission. In the end, only 396 people were enrolled into the first year program.

American University Washington College of Law Ranking

The AUW College of Law has continually been recognized for its academic brilliance and contributions to the legal community, as seen by its rating. The law school is committed to provide a top-notch legal education. AUW College of law’s current ranking is 89th(tie) and 16th(tie) best part-time law school in the United States.

Academic Programs

Prospective students have access to a wide variety of academic programs at the AUW College of Law that are made to accommodate a range of legal interests and professional objectives. The Juris Doctor (J.D.) programs offered by the law school lay the groundwork for a legal profession. In addition, the university offers LL.M. (Master of Laws) degrees for those who already hold a J.D. but wish to focus on a particular field of law.

The AUW College of Law has garnered a reputation for its exceptional specialized legal programs, which have achieved remarkable recognition and rankings. These programs encompass various legal domains, each distinguished in its own right. Notably, the trial advocacy program holds the 15th spot nationwide, while intellectual property law secures an impressive 7th place. Furthermore, the international law program ranks 5th, and the clinical training program stands at an impressive 1st position.

Career Opportunities

Evaluating the job prospects for graduates is a key component of selecting a law school. The American University Washington College of Law has a proven track record of turning out outstanding attorneys who excel in a range of corporate environments. Students at the American University Washington College of Law find themselves well-prepared for a variety of job opportunities after graduation.

Many American University Washington College of Law graduates land jobs as associates in law firms where they obtain experience in their chosen practice areas. These professional options are facilitated by the law school’s substantial alumni network and relationships within the legal sector. Graduates also work in academia, government agencies, nonprofits, business legal departments, and public interest groups.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the acceptance rate of the American University Washington College of Law?

The AUW College of Law has an admittance rate of around 33.8%.

What career opportunities are available to graduates of the American University Washington College of Law?

AUW College of Law graduates work in academia, government, business legal departments, public interest organizations, and law firms.