Akron Law School LSAT and GPA Requirements

By | July 25, 2023

Akron Law School, located in the heart of downtown Akron and just 45 minutes south of Cleveland, is an integral part of the University of Akron (UA). Founded in 1921, Akron Law has celebrated over a century of academic excellence and remains committed to meeting the complex needs of today’s students. As part of a comprehensive research and teaching university, Akron Law offers degree programs ranging from associate to doctoral levels.

The law school takes pride in its strong bar passage and employment rates, providing students with the tools they need for success in the modern legal world. With state-of-the-art facilities and global connections, Akron Law prepares its students to become valuable assets to society and the legal profession.

Akron Law School LSAT and GPA Requirements

The Akron Law Admissions Committee seeks students who are not only academically well-prepared but also highly motivated, diverse, and have distinctive achievements. While there is no minimum LSAT or undergraduate GPA requirement, the median LSAT and GPA for their recent entering classes have been around 153 and 3.45, respectively. Remember that all applicants who have taken the LSAT are considered LSAT applicants, even if they later take the GRE.

Besides LSAT scores and GPA, the admissions committee considers various other factors, including the personal statement, recommendation letters, nature and difficulty of undergraduate study, academic record, extracurricular activities, work experience, community service, and personal obstacles that may have hindered the applicant’s full potential. Age, economic disadvantage, and geographic diversity are also taken into account during the evaluation process.

Acceptance Rate and Ranking

Akron Law is a reputable institution, and its rankings and statistics reflect its standing in the legal education landscape. According to the latest available data, Akron Law has an acceptance rate of 62.9%. This shows that Akron Law admits most of the applicants. Despite the flexible selectivity, you need to present a strong application to boost your chances of securing admission into the law school.

In terms of ranking, Akron Law is gradually gaining a reputation among the top law schools in the country. Currently, they rank no.150 in the country and 49th among part-time law schools. In Ohio, they rank 8th behind Ohio Northern University Pettit College of Law.

Transferring to Akron Law School

Akron Law welcomes transfer students from ABA-accredited law schools who have completed at least one year (not more than 30 semester credit hours) and are in good academic standing. The school typically accepts up to 29 semester hours of credit from another ABA-accredited law school. However, it is essential to note that Akron Law does not have an articulation agreement with another ABA-accredited law school for transfer credits.

Transfer applications, transcripts, and course syllabi and descriptions from other ABA-accredited law schools will be evaluated by the Associate Dean of Academic Affairs and the Admissions Committee to determine the number of credits that will be accepted for transfer. While there is no set deadline for transfer applications, students are encouraged to apply as soon as all of their first-year grades are available.