ABA Accredited Law Schools in Virginia

By | July 26, 2023

Studying law is a noble pursuit that requires dedication, critical thinking, and a commitment to justice. In Virginia, you’ll find a diverse selection of law schools, each with its own strengths and areas of specialization. From esteemed institutions that produce top-tier legal practitioners to those that integrate Christian principles into their curriculum, the state offers something for everyone. Let’s delve into the full list of accredited law schools in Virginia and explore what sets them apart.

Full List of Accredited Law Schools in Virginia

UVA Law School

The University of Virginia School of Law, founded in 1819, stands as one of the nation’s most prestigious law schools. Boasting graduates in the top 100 law firms across the country, UVA Law maintains a strong commitment to public service, in alignment with Thomas Jefferson’s vision. The school offers special career counseling, placement assistance, pro bono programs, and a loan assistance and forgiveness program, ensuring its students are well-equipped to make a positive impact in the legal profession.

Antonin Scalia Law School

Located in Fairfax, Virginia, the Antonin Scalia Law School prioritizes practical experiences for its students. Accredited by the ABA and ranked 32nd in the US News 2023 rankings, the school aims to produce skilled legal practitioners. It offers a wide range of opportunities for real-world application, preparing graduates for successful careers in law.

Washington and Lee University Law School

Founded in 1849 and situated in Lexington, Virginia, Washington and Lee University Law School provides a rigorous and professionally challenging legal education. The school’s small class sizes, generous student-to-faculty ratio, and collegial community foster a supportive learning environment. With a focus on academic excellence, Washington and Lee Law School ensures its graduates are well-prepared to tackle legal complexities.

William & Mary Law School

As the oldest law school in the nation, established in 1779, William & Mary Law School has a rich history of intellectual and character development. The school offers a three-year J.D. degree program and various joint degree options, such as Law/Master of Business Administration and Law/Master of Public Policy. William & Mary Law prioritizes the growth of its students’ character and values, shaping them into well-rounded legal professionals.

University of Richmond Law School

Accredited by the ABA and ranked 60th in the US News 2023 rankings, the University of Richmond School of Law provides a comprehensive legal education. With a focus on intellectual development and qualifying its graduates for admission to the bar in all 50 states and the District of Columbia, the school equips its students with the skills and knowledge required to excel in the legal field.

Regent University Law School

Regent University School of Law distinguishes itself by integrating Christian principles into its curriculum. With a smaller student body of approximately 312 students, the school offers a 90 semester-hour J.D. program, allowing full-time students to complete their degree in three years. Part-time students have the flexibility to finish in four years, all while receiving a strong legal education grounded in faith.

Liberty University Law School

Liberty University School of Law is dedicated to academic and professional excellence. Located in Lynchburg, Virginia, the school seeks to produce highly skilled practitioners capable of making positive contributions to society. By studying law in the context of history and legal philosophy, students gain a holistic understanding of the field and its impact on the world.

Appalachian School of Law

The Appalachian School of Law (ASL), founded in 1997, offers a unique experience due to its small size, providing students with individualized attention and opportunities for personal contributions. ASL emphasizes community service, giving context to its academic program and fostering a strong sense of responsibility among its graduates.