ABA Accredited Law Schools in Missouri

By | July 17, 2023

Finding a respected law school that matches your requirements and professional goals is crucial if you’re thinking about pursuing a legal career in Missouri. There are several recognized law schools in Missouri that provide good possibilities and high-quality instruction for budding lawyers. This article¬†will assist you in making an educated choice regardless of your interest in corporate law, constitutional law, criminal law, or any other area of concentration. So let’s get started!

Accredited Law Schools in Missouri

WashULaw (Washington University School of Law)

Washington University School of Law, located in St. Louis, is one of the top-ranked law schools in the United States. With its exceptional faculty, rigorous curriculum, and strong emphasis on clinical training, WashULaw provides an excellent learning environment for students. The school’s full-time program has a median LSAT score of 172. WashULaw’s commitment to academic excellence and its comprehensive approach to legal education make it an attractive choice for prospective law students.

SLU Law (Saint Louis University Law School)

Saint Louis University Law School provides a vibrant and interesting legal education. The median LSAT score for the school’s full-time program is 160. SLU Law stands out for its dedication to hands-on training and experiential learning, preparing students for the practical demands of the legal field. SLU Law is a fantastic option for students looking for a well-rounded legal education due to its robust alumni network and reputation for turning out skilled lawyers.

University of Missouri School of Law

The University of Missouri School of Law, located in Columbia, provides a comprehensive legal education in a supportive and collaborative environment. With a full-time program boasting a median LSAT score of 156, the school attracts ambitious students who are passionate about law. The University of Missouri School of Law offers diverse academic programs and experiential learning opportunities, allowing students to gain practical skills and knowledge. The school’s commitment to research and community engagement further enhances the overall learning experience.

UMKC School of Law (University of Missouri-Kansas City School of Law)

The UMKC School of Law in Kansas City provides a stimulating and welcoming environment for legal education. For its full-time program, UMKC draws students who are committed to making a difference in their communities, with a typical LSAT score of 154. Students get useful skills and practical experience because to the school’s emphasis on practical training, clinics, and externships. The collaborative learning environment supported by the UMKC School of Law helps students become ready for rewarding legal careers.